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About the School: The School started in 1977 and since then is actively engaged in teaching and research. The School designated as a  "Center for Advanced Studies by UGC and is a recipient of the FIST program of DST. It is also a regional center for Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit.

Following teaching programs are programs are offered by the School. Click on 'Academic Matters' to know more about each of these courses.
  1.  M.Sc. in Physics
  2. M. Tech. in Integrated Circuits Technology
  3. Integrated Masters program (five year course, along with School of Integrated Studies)
  4. Ph.D. in Physics and Ph.D. in Electronic Sciences. 

Entry for all above (except ICT) is through an Entrance test, held nationwide in month of May/June. Actual dates are announced on the University website

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